Annual General Meeting POSTPONED

Hello Sherwood Park Rams Families,

After a bunch of discussions within our Executive a motion was made to postpone our Annual General Meeting until August 16th 2021. 

We’ve recently been reviewing our bylaws and we’re going to need your approval as members to make some changes to better reflect the reality of our growing football club.

We’re still looking for some members to be nominated for board positions.  We’ve been able to better define what membership to the club entails and it’s important that all the player registration documents be submitted and a minimum $50 payment be made to qualify as a member and have your vote counted at the AGM (not included appointed and coaching membership).

The postponement is not without its draw backs though.  Due to prior commitments some members will need to give up their official position on the board including myself.  I will assume a non-voting position as Past President effective June 14th, I will carry on in an advisory position for the next year.  I won’t be far as I’ve been elected President of the Capital District Minor Football Association.   I will still be around helping all the clubs in our region through out the year.

Ken Whiting our Vice President will assume the duties of President until we get our AGM in the books.

Dale Holan

Sherwood Park Rams President