How long is the tackle football season and when does it start and end?

Atom – Practices start right after Victoria Day long weekend in May. The season ends mid October.

Peewee – Practices start mid May. The season ends the beginning of November and may be followed by playoffs & provincials.

Bantam – Tryouts start at the beginning of May. The season ends the beginning of November and may be followed by playoffs & provincials.

Girls Tackle – Practices start at the end of February. The season ends at the end of May and may be followed by playoffs in June.

There is no football in July as it’s a mandated break for family holidays.

What age group will my player fit into?

You need to figure out how old your player will be within the calendar year of play (Season).

If they turn 8 this season they’re eligible for Atom.

If they turn 11 this season they’re eligible for Peewee.

If they turn 13 this season they’re eligible for Bantam. They cannot be entering grade 10 in September of this season.

If they turn 13 this season they’re eligible for Junior Girls.

If they turn 16 this season they’re eligible for Senior Girls.

If a player is excelling or matured early there is an opportunity to play at a higher level, consult your eligible levels head coach for advice on making this decision. Players cannot play at a younger level than their eligibility states.

What kind of equipment do we need to buy?

Most of the specialized equipment needed for Tackle football is provided by the club, special care and a deposit is required. Tackle football equipment can cost around $1000/player not including the tackle dummies, bags and balls we use every year.

For more details on the equipment we need you to provide for you player check out this link.

What equipment do you need to play football?

Can you play multiple sports when on a football team?

We encourage multi-sport athletes. Skills you learn in Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse and Baseball all translate to skills you need for Football and vise versa. If you want to play multiple sports during the football season just talk to your coach up front to get a good understanding of the commitment needed to play football safely and effectively.

Can I play for the Rams if I don’t live in Sherwood Park or the recruitment area?

We always encourage you to check with your local area for a football program near you. Community football gets better because kids play with friends from their neighbourhoods. If you’d like to play for the Rams instead of your local club please talk to a coach or manager for your age group, there are ways to get you released from your local area but we have to follow a procedure set by the CDMFA.

How do I register to play for the Rams and what does it cost?

In person registration is available at any of our spring camp events. We can also accept registration documents at our equipment pick up dates. For the most up-to-date information check out our registration page.

What days during the week are practices held and when are games played?

Atom – Tuesday and Thursday

Peewee – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Bantam – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Games are played once a week on Saturday or Sunday.

What are the fundraising requirements to play on the team?

Fundraising requirements change year to year but you can expect to sell some raffle tickets, participate in bottle drives. Our Bantam team has a long history of working with our sponsors for events like Edmonton Football Club parking, Lot Clean ups with Qualico and of course our famous Pub Night. Your team manager will explain all the fundraising at the parent meeting at the beginning of the year.

How do I get more involved in volunteering or helping with the Rams?

Our football club runs on volunteers, without them we could never give the players the experiences we do. There are plenty of ways to help out, here are just a few:

  • Coach
  • Manager
  • Help with equipment
  • Run a fundraiser
  • Bring Snacks
  • Be a trainer (we’ll train you)
  • Get on the executive, each level needs a director.
  • Flip burgers and hot dogs on BBQ nights
  • Sell 50/50’s at the games.
  • Run the clock or be an announcer.
  • Keep stats, be part of the stick crew or drive the trailer to the games.

If you want to get involved but don’t know where to start, just ask a manager, coach or director and we’ll find you a way to contribute to the Rams Experience that fits for you.

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