About Our Bursary Program

The Sherwood Park Rams have established a bursary program to assist alumni who played for the team on and after 1996.

Since its inception in 2000, 135 bursaries have been given out to deserving athletes from the Rams Bantam Program.

The bursary fund is managed by a group of alumni, parents and coaches.

The Sherwood Park Rams Bursary committee choose 6 recipients each year on a first applied first first approved basis.

The committee will contact the the recipients upon their success and will announce them via our social media channel.

We encourage all those interested to apply early, anytime after January 1st of the year.

For any question regarding the bursary program please contact spramsbursary@gmail.com

Bursary Eligibility

These are the criteria that must be met in order to receive the bursary:

Part 1 – Application
  • Applicant must be a full time student
  • Applicant will detail their degree/apprenticeship and when/where they graduate
  • Each individual will write a two page essay on their RAMS experience
  • Supply current phone numbers and email addresses
  • These items must be received by the Bursary Society no later than April 1st
Part 2 – Marks
  • All final marks to be received by the Bursary Committee prior to May 31st
Part 3 – Bursary Cheque
  • There are a total of 6 bursaries available per year and will be awarded on a first applied – first approved basis.
  • The applicant will receive their cheque during the month of August after making arrangements with the club to speak to the players at the clubhouse about their RAMS experience

The applicants will be contacted by the bursary society to make themselves available for a photo opportunity at the clubhouse. Date and time will be sent to successful applicants.   All dates are final.  All applicants will be subject to all conditions in order to receive the bursary, no exceptions. All information to be sent to the bursary society at spramsbursary@gmail.com.  If you have any further questions please forward them to the society.

Golf Tournament & Fundraising

20th Annual Sherwood Park Rams Bursary Golf Tournament

FOR 20 YEARS the Sherwood Park Rams Bursary Society held a Fundraising Golf tournament that has helped this program award more than 175 bursaries.  2019 was the final bursary fundraising golf tournement.  The Bursary has reached the point that we’ll be able to provided sustained funding the applicants for years to come.

If you wish to contribute to the Bursary or would like to give back to the club in any way please contact us at spramsbursary@gmail.com