The forecast is calling for a sunny summer with a high chance of Football. The Sherwood Park Rams are in the process of planning for the 2020 Atom, Peewee and Bantam Football seasons.

There’s a lot that will be changing from how football has been done in years past. The COVID-19 Pandemic isn’t over but we’ll be taking the precautions necessary to keep our Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Families safe in the upcoming months.

Some things we know from the Football Alberta – Return to Football – Stay and Play Announcement for July are:

  • We’ll have to limit our gatherings to less that 50 people. That’s all the players, coaches, trainers and managers.
  • We’ll have to stay within our own “team/cohort” which means there will be restriction to those already committed other sports or camps.
  • We’re going to have to clean, a lot of cleaning. Hands, Equipment and all the surfaces we touch regularly. We won’t be able to share water, food or the clubhouses.

But enough of what we can’t do. What we can do is start our path back to football for the fall. If we all do our part, stay diligent, stay healthy and follow the guidelines we can:

  • See our friends and team makes on a regular basis and have the opportunity to make new friends for life.
  • Get some exercise. I’ll admit even I’ve gotten pretty good at the new Call of Duty but it’s time to get out side and stretch are legs.
  • Get some brain exercise. Football IQ is the building block of great players. Visualizing the game, understand the positions and responsibilities. Learn all those skill that’ll set you up for football for years to come.

Sherwood Park Rams Football will be different this year and we’re still not 100% sure what it’ll look like when we hit the field, but know all your Coaches, Managers and Trainers are excited to see you and have missed you more than you can believe.

Sherwood Park Rams Football is back. Keep your eyes open to our social media and your Team Snap for the most current details.

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