What Equipment do you need to Play Football?

A common question we get from families that are new to football is “What equipment do I need to buy so that my child can play football?”. A great part about playing football with the Rams is that you only need to supply a minimal amount of gear to be ready to hit the field.

The club provides the following equipment that will be test fitted during pick up so that it’s the right size to protect your child based on body type and position they’ll be play.

  • Certified Football Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Knee Pads
  • Practice Jerseys
  • Game Jerseys
  • Practice Pants
  • Game Pants
  • Game Socks
  • Water Bottles (you can bring your own to avoid the spread of germs)
  • Equipment Bag to keep it all together

It’s important that the above equipment is kept clean, in good working order and free of damage. We require a $500 deposit cheque when checking out the equipment at the beginning of the year. You’ll get your cheque back when it’s all returned.

To ensure your player meets the minimum safe required equipment you’ll need to purchase the following for you player to use. We’ve added a link to a suggested item on Amazon where if you shop via our FlipGive App it will give back money to support the team at no additional cost to you. We also ask you to support our local stores Sin Bin Sports, Kahunaverse Sports and United Sport & Cycle

Football Girdle

A girdle protects your players hips, tail bone and thighs. Sizing is similar to shorts and should fit snug. They are worn under your football pants.

Mouth Guard

A mouthguard is not only for protecting your teeth, it also acts as a shock absorber for your jaw and skull during contact. It’s also a good idea to keep a spare or two ready to go in your equipment bag as they need to be in good shape to be effective.

Football Cleats

Football cleats are important for traction both in practice on the grass and in games on artificial turf. Prices can vary up to several hundred dollars. Check with the Rams Equipment Manager as we have new and used cleats available for purchase at our clubhouse.

The amount of gear available to football players is almost endless. Don’t feel the need to buy one of everything, but there are options available. Here are some links to optional equipment that can supplement or replace your players gear.

With any piece of personal protective equipment, it only protects if it fits properly and is maintained in good working order. If you or your player has any questions about how equipment should fit, if something is damaged or if something just doesn’t feel right with their gear, we encourage them to tell their Coach or Manager right away so we can get them help from our Team Equipment Managers.