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About The Rams

For more than 50 years in Sherwood Park, the Rams have been dedicated to mentoring and coaching young men and women in both life and football. We are a team that succeeds by adopting the “family” concept, empowering life long friendships for players and parents while striving to improve on the fundamentals of football. Our executives and coaches are all volunteers who display an extraordinary amount of time, personal commitment, and their personal best to ensure our team is successful.

What It Means To Be A Ram

So how do you get to play on a Football Team like the Sherwood Park Rams?
It’s pretty simple actually:

  1. Attendance: Show up to practices and tryouts ready to go and willing to work hard.
  2. Attitude: When you show up, bring the best possible attitude as there is a lot to learn and the coaches are always looking for players who are coachable.
  3. Ability: Bring your A Game. Make sure that you work 100% in every drill and scrimmage so that you can show off all of the raw talent that you have.

Obviously skill has a lot to do with playing on a team like the Rams. However it is not the only thing that we look for. The dedication to show up and work hard will always win over raw ability when the player is inconsistent.

Remember that working hard every practice and bringing every skill you have (catching, running, kicking, punting, long snapping, etc) are skills that the team needs. Coaches look for these other skills.

Every year and at every age level, the RAMS have 20+ open positions that they need to fill, so come give it a shot and see if all of the hard work and dedication that is required to become a RAM is what you want to work towards.

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Sherwood Park Rams Football Club
Sherwood Park Rams Football Club

Did you try that mobility work last week? Was it surprisingly difficult?

No worries, the 'Side-lying T-Spine Rotation' is another great option that focuses primarily on the upper body.

This warm-up is also a great tool to help QB's develop better range of motion and power.

1) Start on your side with palms together and arms in front of your chest
2) Make a 90-degree angle at the hip, knee and ankle
3) Slowly rotate top hand away, following with the eyes
4) Keep bottom knee and hand on the ground
5) Take a strong inhale/exhale at the end range
6) Return to the start position and repeat 3-5x
7) Flip over and repeat for the other side
Stay tuned every Monday and Friday for more training tips from the strength coaches at Cross Conditioning.
Sherwood Park Rams Football Club
Sherwood Park Rams Football Club
Sherwood Park Rams Football Club
Strathcona County continues to ensure its COVID-19 response and relaunch plan aligns with the Government of Alberta’s relaunch strategy, while ensuring the health and safety of our community, including County staff, remains a top priority.

Throughout May and June, select amenities are re-opening, including playgrounds, in accordance with Alberta Health Services’ updated guidelines.

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